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River Watch 2020 Training Registration

To be announced

River Watch trainings provide an opportunity for your organization to become volunteer water quality monitors in Colorado.

River Watch volunteers come in all shapes in sizes: Middle, Elementary and High School groups participate in our program to provide in-depth education and experience in real life science that extends beyond the classroom. Conservation groups and community organizations concerned with water quality issues in their areas participate to learn more about watershed health in their region.

Interested volunteers must participate in a training before becoming part of our program. After the training, groups agree to sample at a designated station monthly for metals, nutrients and other parameters. As water quality data must be recorded over time to understand the baseline conditions and any changes that occur in the system, we are seeking volunteers that can make a several year commitment to the program.

Continuing Education Units (CEU) are available through Colorado School of Mines. You can earn up to four CEU’s for attending a River Watch training and implementing the program.

New organizations seeking to be a part of River Watch of Colorado are requested to pay a one-time $275 fee.  The fee will cover the cost of one participant to attend the training and to help subsidize the cost of the equipment you will receive (valued at over $2000), as well as curriculum and program support.  All other participants from new or existing groups are expected to pay for each individual’s training cost of $150 per person. Meals and lodging are included in the $150.

2 thoughts on “Get Involved

  1. Hi there,
    I am a high school biology teacher in Colorado Springs. I would LOVE to get some training for this to work with students each year. Please let me know when you offer training (amid/post COVID19). Thanks!!! -Andrea

    1. Andrea,
      Thanks for the inquiry. You’re right, we are not hosting a training this year due to COVID. I have added you to our contacts list and will let you know when we plan the next training.

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